XJ Adjustable HD Transmission Mount

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This is our XJ 4.0 Heavy Duty Transmission mount. This fits both AW4, and AX15 Transmissions (does not fit Peugeot transmissions). Adjustable in height for clearance with transfercases and crossmembers. The bushing is a solid one piece Clevite rubber bushing gvining it maximum strength and reliability. Bushing mount angle holds firm but still allows for proper vibration motion. This is made out of 1/4" thick steel utilizing grade 9 hardware. No studs for those goofballs who get trigger happy with the impact!

  • Long lasting high strength solid rubber 
  • Adjustable drivetrain height
  • Fits AW4 and AX15 Transmissions
  • 1/4" Steel Construction
  • Increases torque transfer
  • Made 100% in the USA


This is a stronger aftermarket transmission mount that allows more torque to be transferred to the drivetrain increasing perfomance. 

These may cause more drivetrain vibrations than stock mounts.