Splicer XTV (ATV/UTV) Powersports Splice On Winch Thimble by Factor 55

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Splice on thimble for UTV/ATV winches. The world’s first splice on synthetic rope shackle mounting thimble with rope protection and integrated rubber pad for UTV/ATV. The unique machined rope passage provides a tough outer barrier to protect against rope impact and abrasion as well as UV exposure protection.

Note: Unlike the Factor 55 ProLink XTV and UltraHook XTV shackle mount products, The Splicer XTV requires synthetic rope splicing knowledge. We recommend either the locking Brummel Splice or Long Bury Splice. There are many rope splicing video tutorials available on the web.

  • Connects to both the pin and bow end of common 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch screw pin shackles
  • Connects to the pin end of common 3/4 inch shackles
  • For synthetic rope diameters up to 5/16 inch
  • Weight 4oz