Product Disclaimer

By purchasing anything through KxK Industries the customer agrees that they have read and fully understood the following:

Our products may not be legal for use on the road according to your federal, state, and local laws; thus our products are to be considered for use in off-road applications.

By purchasing or installing any of our products, the customer releases KXK Industries LLC of any liability, and assumes all responsibility for ensuring the vehicle complies with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. By installing any products purchased from KXK Industries LLC the customer assumes all risks, including but not limited to, fines, penalties, and loss of vehicle warranty. KXK Industries LLC can in no way be held liable for any of the customer’s actions. 

Furthermore, KXK Industries LLC is not responsible and does not accept liability for damage to parts or vehicles due to extreme or improper use or improper installation. Installing any of our products may void other product warranties as well. 

The installation of our products to your vehicle may cause the vehicle's Safety Restraint System to function improperly or not at all.

KXK Industries LLC is not responsible and does not accept liability for any injury or death caused by or associated with the use or installation of our products. 

Return Policy: KXK Industries LLC considers all sales to be final. Any returns are to be accepted at our discretion. In the event that a return is accepted, the customer may be responsible for Shipping and Restocking fees as well as return shipping costs. Please contact us with any questions or concerns prior to placing your order.