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The JT/JL are plagued by major problem, both joints are pressed in from the bottom and with a shaft failure the lower balljoint gets punched out and the upper follows suit. The JT/JL Balljoint Delete System upper presses in from the top, the lower from the bottom. If a shaft failure occurs and the lower assembly is contacted, the upper joint features a ledge keeping the outer knuckle from falling off completely. 

This system deletes both upper and lower balljoints. Both the upper and lower cups press in just like regular balljoints with one HUGE difference……it’s the last time you’ll ever have to press in any joint! The rebuild process consists of removing the C-clip and replacing the spherical bearings. Both assemblies feature a shim/O-ring which seal the bearing from debris from the top side. All spherical bearings feature PTFE liners, so no greasing is needed but dry lube can be used. 

Key features include:

  • 3/4” PFTE Teflon coated bearings for long bearing life and smooth operation (F1 fit bearings throughout)

  •  4340 hardened chromoly hardware. Lower hardware features a buttonhead with hex pocket in order to clear the larger RCV bells. 

  • Buna O-ring seals top of assemblies to keep debris out

  • Fits stock knuckles and Reid knuckles using the stock upper camber bushing.

  • All Delete Systems products are backed by a 2 year/30,000 mile warranty which will replace any worn out spherical bearings or broken hardware for free. *Warranty registration requires you to email us at sales@kxkindustries.com after your package has shipped.


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