Jeep Wrangler Engine Skid Plate 6 Cyl 1996-2006 TJ/LJ Clayton Off Road

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Product Features: 
  • CNC Laser Cut & Bent
  • 1/4" Steel
  • Bolt On Installation When Used With Our Main Skid Plate
  • Protects Exhaust, Oil Pan & Transmission

Clayton Off Road engine/oil pan skid plate is the ultimate addition to your current Clayton Off Road 2 piece skid plate. This engine skid plate is specifically designed to work with our main skid plate. The oil pan skid plate comes with a front bolt in bracket which holds the front of the skid plate using counter sunk allen head bolts. While the back attaches to our main skid plate with another bolt on bracket. No oil drain holes is cut because it will slightly weaken the skid plate, plus add a hole you may get hung up on. Some customers have chosen to drill a 3-4 inch hole to make oil changes easier. Many customers simply drop the oil pan skid plate section by removing the 7 bolts.

Skid plate is shipped bare metal out of the box.

Note: Product fits I-6 motor ONLY