Jeep Wrangler Transfer Case Skid Plate 2004-2006 LJ by Clayton Off Road

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Product Features: 
  • CNC Laser Cut & Bent
  • 1/4" Steel
  • 2 Piece Design
  • Completely Smooth Bottom

Massive. Beefy. Bulletproof. These are all terms our customer have email us with after they received their Jeep Wrangler LJ 2 piece skid plate. At 130lbs your delivering UPS driver will Not like you, but your Jeep will from the clearance and protection it will receive. This simple bolt on 2 piece skid plate will fit any Jeep Wrangler LJ, stock, with a short arm lift or your Clayton Off Road long arm kit. The two piece skid plate consists of a cradle and the flat skid. The cradle is laser cut from 3/16 and will bolt into OEM location and pick up the transmission mount. This allows you to service your drivetrain without removing the whole skid plate, and also gains strength to the skid plate system. The actual skid plate is laser cut from drag link steel and is completely flat. It attaches to the cradle using counter sunk allen head bolts. The skid plate gains approximately 1.5 inches of clearance over the stock LJ skid plate.

Note: 1. Rubicon models require a 1 Inch body lift. 2. Rubicon models we recommend our optional compressor mount.