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The American Iron Offroad Ball Joint Delete System offers several benefits including increased clearance, adjustable steering feel, easier assembly and rebuild, and improved durability. 

  • Massive increase in overall strength and durability in a critical component 
  • Increased clearance for axles including RCV shafts 
  • Adjustable steering feel via torque settings
  • Fully rebuildable with a simple bearing remove and replace no pressing
  • Easy installation with basic hand tools
  • Double-ended stud to account for variances between axles
  • Hardened 3/4″ Taper Studs
  • 3/4″ FK Spherical Bearings with C clip
  • Grade 8 Locknuts 
  • Zinc coated for increased corrosion resistance
  • All Delete Systems products are backed by a 2 year/30,000 mile warranty which will replace any worn out spherical bearings or broken hardware for free. *Warranty registration requires you to email us at after your package has shipped.

This system deletes both upper and lower balljoints and gets rid of a telescoping upper balljoint. Both the upper and lower cups press in just like regular balljoints with one HUGE difference……it’s the last time you’ll ever have to press in any joint! The rebuild process consists of removing the C-clip and replacing the spherical bearings. Both assemblies feature a shim/O-ring which seal the bearing from debris. All spherical bearings feature PTFE liners, so no greasing is needed but dry lube can be used. Fix your death wobble, reduce your headaches. 

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